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To Clark Associates, PLLC every project is an opportunity to build new relationships or strengthen existing friendships. Our business is not only to provide excellent civil engineering services, but also to establish lasting relationships founded on integrity and hard work. Each project that Clark Associates, PLLC undertakes is assigned to a licensed professional engineer. Our engineers take a hands-on approach to every project and the engineer will be involved in all aspects of the project including the conception, design, contract negotiations, construction, and final project completion. This provides our clients with a single point of contact during the life of the project.

Commerce Drive Extension & Regional Detention Pond

Belton, TX

The Commerce Drive Extension provided a much needed connection from Sparta Road to FM 439 (Lake Road) in a rapidly growing area of Belton, Texas alleviating congestion on FM 317 (Main Street) and providing a regional detention pond to facilitate future development in the area while correcting existing drainage issues. This project included the design…

2013 Western Hills Roadway and Utility Replacement Project

Temple, TX

This project included the design of new 8” PVC Water Mains, new 8”, 10”, and 12” PVC Sanitary Sewer Mains, new 15”, 24”, 30”, and 36” RCP Storm Sewer, and new Reinforced Concrete Roadways located within the existing Western Hills subdivision in Temple, Texas. The total lengths of utilities installed were 6,500 l.f. of new…

2010 Steeplechase Lift Station Reconstruction

Temple, TX

This project consisted of providing a new sanitary sewer lift station replacement within the Steeplechase subdivision located in Temple, TX. The project provided a new 28’ deep 8’ diameter sanitary sewer wet well, new submersible wastewater solids handling pumps, new 4” PVC force main, and a new 8” PVC gravity main replacement to replace an…

2012 Friars Creek Lift Station Improvements

Temple, TX

This project consisted of providing mechanical and electrical improvements to the existing sanitary sewer lift station which serves all of South Temple. This project is located at S. 31st and Highway 93 in Temple, TX. The project provided (3) new 200 HP Drywell pumps, motors, electrical rehabilitation, new VFD’s and control panels, building improvements and…

Williamson Creek Trunk Sewer Improvements

Temple, TX

This project consisted of an Engineering Study and Assessment of the Williamson Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor. CCTV camera inspection, sanitary sewer flow monitoring and infiltration analysis. It included the design of 18,200 linear feet of a new sanitary trunk sewer interceptor. Primary Tasks: Identification of existing interceptor system CCTV inspection • Flow monitoring & infiltration…

Poison Oak Road 2017 Realignment Project

Temple, TX

Due to recent residential growth and expansion, into West Temple, a new major arterial is required to meet the growing transportation needs. The Poison Oak Road Realignment consists of the realignment, widening, and reconstruction of an existing county road located in Temple, Texas. This project includes the design of 8,800 linear feet of a new…