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Belton Movie Theatre – 5.38 Acre Site Development

In Land & Site Development

The Grand Avenue Theatre is located on F.M. 439 in Belton, Texas within Bell County. This project consisted of a 24,250 square foot theater building, access drives, parking lots totaling 345 spaces, the design of 405 linear feet of 6” sanitary sewer, 1300 linear feet of storm sewer, utility extensions, and retaining walls. This project also necessitated the design of an on-site detention pond and an off-site detention pond.

Primary Tasks:

  • Site Investigation
  • Topography surveys
  • Preliminary and Final Designs
  • Site Drainage Analysis
  • Detention Pond Analysis & design
  • Storm Sewer & Utility design
  • Parking lots and sidewalk design
  • Retaining wall(s) design
  • Site Grading plan
  • Site Dimension plan