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V.A. Hospital – E85 Tank Project

In Land & Site Development

The new E85 Tank Project is located at the Veteran’s Administration facility in Temple, Texas. It is part of the VA’s overall effort to incorporate alternative fuel systems into fleet operations. This project included the design of a spill containment pad, E85 storage tank, utility extensions and relocations, erosion and environmental controls, and security measures. The design of this fueling area met stringent EPA and International Fire Code design standards for alternative fuel sites.

Primary Tasks:

  • Site investigation
  • Topography surveys
  • Preliminary and final designs
  • Site grading plan
  • Site dimension plan • Site utility plan
  • Coordination with VA staff
  • Containment designs
  • Barricade designs
  • Electrical designs
  • Piping designs
  • Coordination with Fire Department