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City of Temple – Central Fire Station

In Land & Site Development

The new Temple Fire & Rescue Central Fire Station is located on N. 3rd Street in the Historic downtown section of Temple, Texas. This project was part of the 2008 Fire Bond improvements initiative to update and provide modern fire fighting facilities for the City of Temple, Texas. This project included a 15,160 square foot Fire & Rescue building, adjoining parking lots and access drive design, and the relocation of an existing sanitary sewer main.

Primary Tasks:

  • Topography surveys
  • Preliminary and Final Designs
  • Site Drainage Analysis
  • Storm sewer & utility design
  • Coordination with Project Architect
  • Coordination with City Staff
  • Retaining wall(s) design
  • Parking lots and sidewalk design
  • Site Grading plan
  • Site Dimension plan
  • Traffic control plans
  • Coordination with TxDOT