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Beal Street Regional Drainage Improvements

In Hydrology & Storm Water

This Drainage project for the City of Belton included the regional drainage analysis, design and construction documents for a new regional detention pond was needed to aid in the rapid growth along FM 317 in Belton and would be used to detain storm water from a proposed HEB grocery store as well as the development in the surrounding area. The new downstream channel improvements were critical to this project since the existing channel passed through a residential portion of town and community golf course on its way to the Leon River.

Initial Tasks:

  • Regional drainage basin analysis including pre & post development drainage calculation
  • HEC-RAS channel analysis
  • Detention pond sizing
  • Construction cost estimation

Primary Tasks:

  • Creating detailed design topography surveys
  • Detailed construction plans and specifications
  • Easement preparation and assisting the City of Belton with acquisition
  • Bidding and construction administration assistance
  • Construction administration assistance
  • Construction staking
  • Meeting the City of Belton’s time frame and budget.